29-01-2021, 08:41
Candidate of Historical Sciences Tigran Sarukhanyan writes on his Facebook page ․ "Months ago, in my next letter, I suggested that we should prepare for a new war, which I believe is imminent. Moreover, this is evidenced by the confession of the new Sultan of Turkey Erdogan, according to which the invasion, this time, will be to Gyumri.
The plan to occupy the entire Caucasus is always coordinated by the Turkish General Staff with its NATO allies, including European powers.

The funny thing is that the Armenian people living with the psychology of a nomadic merchant do not learn anything from history or even from reality. As much as you want to hit the head and forehead, it does not enter the brain. Moreover, the whole political trade of the fifth echelon and a huge army of amateurs supporting it still inspire the people with the idea that Europe and the United States have problems with Turkey, which is in danger of disintegration.
29-01-2021, 08:30
"Zhoghovurd" daily writes.
"Zhoghovurd" daily was informed that the other day Yerevan Mayor Hayk Marutyan announced in his close circle that he did not even think about resigning and giving his place to someone.

Our sources also report that Marutyan mentioned that he was elected by the public, enjoys respect and has thought for a long time, came to the conclusion that under no circumstances should such a step be taken. "If they can, let them take it out," he said.
29-01-2021, 08:15
A photo appeared on the Internet, where Sos Janibekyan and Ani Khachikyan are hugging.

According to the rumors, they have been meeting very often lately. Starnews.am writes about this.
29-01-2021, 08:12
The first freight train will leave Ankara for Moscow via Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway
The first export freight train will depart from Ankara to Russia via the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway on January 29. According to Azerbaijani media, an official farewell ceremony will be held in the Turkish capital.

The train will depart from Ankara to Moscow at 10:00 local time. The freight train consisting of 15 wagons will cover a distance of 4.65 thousand kilometers in 8 days.
29-01-2021, 07:48
More than 140 Armenian prisoners of war are being held in Baku. This was reported by Rbc.ru, citing a Russian diplomatic source. The information was also confirmed by a well-informed source on the Armenian side.

The website published an article titled "Yerevan and Baku quarreled over the demand for the return of 140 captives." The media outlet writes that Azerbaijan has received all its captives.
29-01-2021, 07:32
Prosperous Armenia MP Gheorg Petrosyan referred to yesterday's rally demanding a change of government on Facebook.
29-01-2021, 07:08
Nikol's gift on the occasion of Army Day - 15 new prisoners of war ․ Narek Samsonyan
Nikol's gift on the occasion of Army Day - 15 new prisoners of war ... learn from this news how many abortions the Prime Minister has.
29-01-2021, 07:05
The Armenian Embassy in Russia presented the schedule of flights from Moscow to Gyumri in February-March. 10.02 - Moscow-Gyumri,

Domodedovo Airport, Nord Star Company (at 13:30) 17.02 - Moscow-Gyumri,

Domodedovo Airport, Nord Star Company (at 13:30) 24.02 - Moscow-Gyumri,

"Domodedovo" airport, "Nord Star" company (at 13:30) 03.03 - Moscow-Gyumri,
29-01-2021, 06:30
What do the stars suggest for January 29?
Aries. The day will be especially favorable for those who are changing jobs or looking for a place in a new team. You easily gain people's sympathy, you enter into business relationships that promise to be harmonious and effective. The management does not miss your achievements, which will have positive consequences in the near future.

You are interested in everything you do, so the mood will be high throughout the day. Your enthusiasm is contagious, and your loved ones are ready to support any idea you come up with.

Taurus. Under no circumstances should you become a prisoner of your bad mood today - you have no serious reason to be sad today. It is true that sometimes there are disagreements with the staff և management, but peace will be established very quickly, և hardly anyone will hurt you.

Documenting will take more time than expected, but even that will not stop you from implementing a number of bold projects. In the second half of the day, new opportunities will open up for you, both professionally and personally.
29-01-2021, 06:26
The National Security Service of the Republic of Armenia, pursuing the smooth implementation of the functions assigned to it by law in the fight against crime, as a result of large-scale investigative-judicial actions, as well as complex operative-investigative measures, found out that a company operating in the Republic of Armenia "Consumption for consumption" was imported to Armenia through a customs procedure. A $ 148,535 diamond worth 1776.84 carats worth of diamonds was declared with an invoice value, the customs value of which was AMD 72,014,112, while the materials revealed that the company imported "RA" imported by the above-mentioned declaration. As of September 18, 2020, the market value of diamonds examined by an expert is more than 420,000,000 AMD, as a result of which the state was underestimated, paying particularly large customs duties.