Вчера, 21:33
Everyone is interested in the question of how Mikayel Minasyan, the husband of the second president of the Republic of Armenia, Serzh Sargsyan's daughter, Anush Sargsyan, manages to get some seemingly secret information, to present it to the public a little extravagantly.

This issue was of interest not only to the Armenian society, but also to the law enforcement bodies. In particular, the structure ensuring the life and health of the first person of the country in the Republic of Armenia. His bodyguard detachment is part of that structure.

On the night of the end of the war, on the night of November 9-10, everyone read Mikayel Minasyan's Facebook statement that the RA Prime Minister had signed a capitulation document. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister announced it at dawn the next day.
Вчера, 21:06
The nature of the amendment is to make an amendment to Article 92 of the Constitution, according to which the extraordinary election of the National Assembly is held in case the National Assembly is dissolved by a decision adopted by at least three-fifths of the National Assembly.

It is also proposed to fix that the extraordinary election of the National Assembly is held not earlier than forty and not later than fifty-five days after the dissolution of the National Assembly (in the current regulation the election is held not earlier than thirty and not later than forty-five days) :

According to the current Constitution, early parliamentary elections are called only when the National Assembly does not elect a new Prime Minister by a majority vote of the total number of deputies within 7 days after the resignation of the Prime Minister.
Вчера, 20:37
"They were not aware that I was Armenian, they thought I was a Chechen, և being under the influence of alcohol, they were in euphoria, because at that time it was clear to them that they were winning, they started telling me that they had Armenian passports that the war had been predetermined for a long time. I did not believe that they had Armenian passports, I asked the person who said that to show his Armenian passport, he showed me. I saw that Armenian data was mentioned, it is an Armenian passport, I do not think it was fake. After that I asked where did you get this passport from? He told me that they have great opportunities in the Republic of Armenia, especially in 2018, after the so-called revolution, but in reality after the coup, they have quite a big impact in Armenia, especially Some high-ranking politicians who hand over some information to the Azerbaijani side. I asked how do you get those passports, he answered that a certain director of the RA NSS Kyaramov helps them in this matter
Вчера, 20:13
The transfer of Nikol Pashinyan and the appointment of Lilit Makunts as US Ambassador will not prolong Pashinyan's rule, because the situation in Armenia proves that Pashinyan, the symbol of defeat to the Armenian people, can do nothing but leave. that by remaining, it tramples the dignity of the Armenian people, giving 10 thousand wounded, thousands of victims and most of Artsakh in this war.

The personnel policy pursued by Pashinyan can not give anything positive to Pashinyan personally, as his fate is already obvious, it will be a fate worthy of a traitor.

Gagik Minasyan, a member of the Executive Body of the Republican Party, said on the air of 168 TV "Review" program, referring to the internal political developments in the country.
Вчера, 20:09
This year the feast of St. Sargis is on January 30. In this regard, the message spread by the Ararat Patriarchal Diocese says: "This year all the festive events have been canceled, instead the programs addressed to the soldiers have been expanded. We will inform about the events organized on the occasion of St. Sargis and their schedule next.

Attached is a short video with the intercessory prayers of St. Sargis. "
Вчера, 19:47
The author of the War Gonz project, Semyon Pegov, conducted a poll on his telegram channel to find out who they want to see the next leader of Armenia. Pegov's telegram channel has 251 thousand followers, so the results of the survey should be considered within that framework.

Thus, according to War Gonzo's poll, the second president of Armenia Robert Kocharyan has the highest rating. 46% of the respondents wanted to see him as the next leader of Armenia.

Nikol Pashinyan is in the second place, and 19% of the respondents voted for him. Mikayel Minasyan is in the third place with 14% of votes. Ruben Vardanyan, an Armenian businessman living in Russia, came in fourth with 12% of the votes.

The rating of the others is significantly lower, it fluctuates in the range of 1-3%, only Jirayr Sefilyan got relatively high votes. 5% of the respondents voted for him. The others, Vazgen Manukyan, Artak Tovmasyan and others, are in the range of 1-2%.
Вчера, 19:27
In Russia, from time to time the criminal world faces a serious problem, many of them are forced to leave the country. According to our information, recently, when such a question arose, one of Nikol Pashinyan's closest oligarchs "guaranteed" to provide a safe roof for about a dozen thieves in Armenia. The oligarch assured Nikol Pashinyan that they would also be a roof over the government. Nikol Pashinyan, who in the past was an opposition and allegedly campaigned against this class when he became prime minister, but in fact had his power over his thieves, led by the Noratus brothers, agreed to it. The thieves are already in Armenia, at the Dvin Hotel, which belongs to Artak Tovmasyan, Artak Dvin. The very person who allegedly forms an opposition party is issued a statement from time to time, demanding the resignation of the government. In fact, Pashinyan is publicly fighting against thieves, and witnessing the adoption of a law against the criminal subculture, and becoming their roof underneath. The NSS can go to our address and find out if people with that subculture pose a security threat.
Вчера, 19:12
According to our information, Nikol Pashinyan is negotiating with the leaders of the parliamentary opposition Gagik Tsarukyan and Edmon Marukyan, proposing to sign a memorandum on the issue of early elections. Its essence is as follows. A trilateral memorandum is signed, the opposition receives ministerial portfolios in the government cabinet, and then a few months later early parliamentary elections are called. My sources in My Step assure that the opposition will agree to the proposal, saying that they will be able to control the election process with the positions they have received. Besides, Tsarukyan was offered that in that case the Shangri-La casino network, which is important in Tsarukyan's business, would quietly operate.
Вчера, 19:09
The owner of Dvin restaurant, Artak Tovmasyan, has a company registered in Finland, through which they wash the dirty money of the Pashinyan-Anna Hakobyan couple. Whether it is collected from the oligarchy, received from the arms business or otherwise, the money of the Prime Minister's family is directed to that Finnish company. So, the law enforcement agencies should check Artak Tovmasyan's accounts and their relationship between the Pashinyan and Hakobyan couple.
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A number of citizens left the Aram Khachaturian Concert Hall as Nikol Pashinyan's wife Anna Hakobyan was present at the concert dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the State Symphony Orchestra.

According to Mediaport, the citizens tried to go up to the government hall and say in the face of Anna Hakobyan what they thought about her and her unfaithful husband, but dozens of security guards forbade her, after which the citizens left the concer