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In the local elections held on December 5, the "Civil Contract" party won in the enlarged community of Artashat, receiving 60.18% of the votes.

The second force that got the most votes here is the "Law's Justice" party, whose candidate was the deputy mayor of Artashat Karen Ghazaryan, who has a serious reputation and high reputation in the community.

According to PressTime.am, the victory of the CP in Artashat took place thanks to the serious support of the former RA NA Speaker Hovik Abrahamyan and a number of former Republican village heads. We have learned that Abrahamyan used all his resources for the victory of "Civil Contract" party candidate Karlen Mkrtchyan, and if it were not so, in all probability, there would be a different picture in Artashat, Ghazaryan would be the leader.
Сегодня, 16:15
About a year ago, the head of the Armenian Aviation Department and at the same time a gravedigger, Tatevik Revazyan, answering Mikael Melkumyan's question in the National Assembly, insisted that Armenia could not have a national carrier, as it had to have about 300 own planes. plane). That's why Revazyan (nicknamed "beautiful girl"), who was excavated from Sweden and sent to Armenia, began to distribute preferential terms to various foreign companies. His big adventure with the Irish airline "Rain Air" is known. Revazyan promised that Ryanair would fly to Europe at affordable prices. However, after a short period of flight, the bubble burst, inflicting heavy losses on Armenia's budget, which fed Ryanair.
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Akhrana is not a donation…
Yesterday, I explained to an idiot living an unplanned life that if, according to the Constitution, "the President pursues the observance of the Constitution", but in reality does not do so, then he should not use his salary and security.
The same goes for "choking"…
What is his constitutional duty to use the akhrana and other goods?
It is the same that the lecturer does not give a lecture անա receive a salary and a vacation…
In the end, he said, "Well, good luck," and I said, "Go, bad luck."
There is a wise saying that "The greatest thieves are the fools who steal our precious time from us"…
Сегодня, 14:53
The fifth season of the "House of Paper" (La Casa de Papel) series, which aired on Netflix, ended the story of the robbers, which became the main hit of the previous year. In one of the final series, one of the main characters of the drama, whom everyone calls Professor, gave a present to the Armenian fans of the series. Alvaro Morte's hero greeted one of the cooks in Armenian.
Сегодня, 13:30
Proportional elections of local self-government bodies took place in 36 communities of 7 regions of Armenia yesterday. The ruling "Civil Contract" party lost in some communities.

In most of those communities, the CPC won the June 20, 2021 snap parliamentary elections.
Сегодня, 13:13
After the end of the local elections yesterday and the preliminary counting of the results, the governor of Shirak Nazeli Baghdasaryan made a post on Facebook at one o'clock, sharing the joy with the supporters ․ "In the enlarged community of Ashotsk, with the preliminary result, the" Civil Contract "won, in the enlarged Artik, the CP also won." And finally the governor's joy became complete when he received the final picture of the 4 enlarged communities of the region ․ "Thus we are the leaders in all 4 communities of the region," he wrote. His joy was quite understandable. After all, the December 5 elections in the enlarged communities were a serious ordeal for the newly elected governor. After the unsuccessful attempt at the local elections in Gyumri, the government involuntarily exiled him to his native region in order to at least to some extent justify their expectations. Appointed governor just a month ago, the first thing he did was change community leaders. Apparently, the newly elected governor is satisfied with his work. The results of the elections seem to be satisfactory for him.
Сегодня, 13:00
According to the information received by ArmLur.am, the condition of the Deputy Chief of General Staff Stepan Galstyan has worsened in the Yerevan Kentron penitentiary institution or in the well-known KGB basement. According to the information we received, the latter's lawyer Onik Arakelyan applied to the "Penitentiary Medicine Center" SNCO to be taken to hospital and operated on, but the SNCO has not taken any steps yet.

It should be reminded that on October 2, the court, presided over by Judge Karen Farkhoyan, made a decision to detain Stepan Galstyan. Galstyan was arrested in connection with the criminal case on the cases of abuses and embezzlement in the process of supplying ammunition for the needs of the RA Armed Forces.
He is accused of abusing his official position with serious material consequences and committing official fraud.
Сегодня, 12:31
According to ArmLur.am, an expert examination has been appointed in the case of the death of a 20-year-old boy found under the Davitashen bridge. According to the information received by ArmLur.am, the law enforcement officers are trying to find out whether the boy's hand was cut off or the dogs were devoured.

As it is known, on December 4, an emergency situation took place in Yerevan. According to Shamshyan.com, at around 12:50 pm, the officers of the Mashtots Police Department of the General Department of State Protection of the RA Police found the body of a man under the Davtashen bridge at around 12:50 pm.
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Ara Martirosyan was moved while performing Hayko's song during the concert. The standing ovation did not stop for a long time
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When we say to the supporters of Nikol that NAKHIR, they are offended.

When a man slaughters a calf, the cow stays with the man.

PS And do you expect that these and similar people will be dissatisfied with the social situation and will come out against Nikol?

# mud

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