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Yesterday, on August 11, an emergency occurred in Kotayk region. At around 11:30 pm, 51-year-old Sargis Shapaghatyan, a resident of Yerevan, was driving a Ford Focus at the end of Balahovit village and collided with a Mercedes parked at the scene.

As photo journalist Gagik Shamshyan reports from the scene, S. Shapaghatyan then ran over 27-year-old Karlen Baghyan, a resident of Kotayk region, an investigator of the 3rd platoon of the 2nd officer battalion of the Traffic Police, who registered the accident on the spot. Khachatur Gabrielyan, 45-year-old Eduard Tovmasyan, Abovyan city resident, 39-year-old Artak Poghosyan, Nor Geghi village resident, 27-year-old Tigran Khachatryan.

All the people who were hit were taken to "Abovyan" medical center with bodily injuries of different degrees.

The officers of the 1st platoon of the 3rd platoon of the 2nd officer battalion of the Traffic Police, headed by platoon commander Arthur Petrosyan, platoon commander Tigran Kotanjyan, senior investigators Avetik Avetisyan, Mayis Badoyan arrived at the scene.

Karen Gyulumyan, the head of the Traffic Police 1-77 operative control center, passed the information about the accident to the Abovyan Investigation Division of the Kotayk Regional Investigation Department of the Investigation Committee of Armenia, from where the investigation group headed by the head of the department Garnik Matosyan and senior investigator Grigoryan arrived.
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Make-up artist Gohar Avetisyan posted a photo of her son Gaspar on her Instagram page for the first time without covering her face.

He wrote next to the photo. "Well, friends, let's get acquainted. My name is Gaspar, արդեն I am already 40 days old, he և I already weigh more than 5 kilograms, so I will become a prince. Girls, wait! ” In the post, he noted that Gaspar's eyes captured his heart.

It should be reminded that the other day Gohar also revealed that she named her son Gaspar in honor of her mother's father. Gohar said she was no longer alive, but she was a wonderful person.
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The crisis at the fake factory has started for a simple reason, in fact conscious people are increasing, and the existing biomass is no longer effective! I think this should be a criminally prosecuted SNCO.

Written by Vardan Hakobyan on facebook.com
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There is a very simple way to wear a mask և not to be fined ․ At the special session of the Government, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan referred to the complaints according to which the citizens are fined for not wearing a mask. "Yes, that's why there is a very simple way to wear a mask or not be fined. "At that time we said, wear a mask, save lives, now we hope that the deaths will be zero, we will say, wear a mask, do not be fined," the Prime Minister said, as reported by "Armenpress", adding that Vaccine issues will be resolved.

"And here again and again our number one partner is our citizen, whom we ask to be listened to. This optimistic situation that we have should double our vigilance և discipline, time has shown that discipline brings results. And, consequently, there is no need to destroy the result built with our own hands, especially since we are now going to open the whole general education from September 15, the discussions related to the university system are still going on. And there will inevitably be some increase in numbers. That is our main risk. Yes, if we follow the rules properly, the growth of numbers will be such that the content of our conversation today will not change. "But if proper discipline is not maintained, we will return to the crisis situation," said the Prime Minister.
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Statement of the RA NA Speaker Ararat Mirzoyan “Dear NA Deputies, the Government has made a decision on extending the term of the state of emergency declared in the Republic of Armenia on March 16, 2020.

According to the Constitutional Law "Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly", in case of declaring a state of emergency (extension of the term of the state of emergency) a special sitting of the National Assembly is convened immediately by force of law.

I ask the deputies to urgently appear in the sitting hall of the National Assembly. The special sitting of the National Assembly will start at 14:00, "Ararat Mirzoyan's statement reads.
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People, do you hear what the person sitting in the chair of the Minister of Health is saying at the Government session? He says, "we should not set a goal to reduce the number of infected people to 0, we should consider having 50-100 infected people normal, learn to live with the coronavirus" ...
Well, I do not understand. What organ does this person think of?
And it is interesting that no one removes the mask ...
It is the same as, say, the director of the AIDS Prevention Center announcing that one should not strive for complete cure of AIDS (both of which are fatal), պահել one should always keep a reserve of 50 to 100 patients, maybe one day come ...
Can delusion happen in another way ...
Who will explain what a mockery this is for the people?
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Acting Head of the Public Relations Department of the RA Penitentiary Rima Yeganyan told News.newsfeed1.ru details about the tragic car accident that took place on August 9 in Syunik.

Let us remind you that the daughter of actors Armen Marutyan և Alla Vardanyan թ grandchildren և died from that car accident.

According to Rima Yeganyan, a criminal case has been initiated in connection with the tragic car accident that took place on the Meghri-Yerjan highway in 2020. Mercedes-Benz Actros 4141 and Toyota 4 Runners collided on the 199th km of the Meghri-Yerjan highway on August 9, 2010 at around 4:00 pm. A 48-year-old resident of Yerevan, his wife of 36 years, and their two minor children died from their injuries. A criminal case was initiated in the Sisian Investigation Division of the Syunik Regional Investigation Department of the RA Investigation Committee under Article 242, Part 3 of the RA Criminal Code (requirements for ensuring traffic safety or violating the rules of traffic or operation of vehicles, which or the death of more than one person), the investigation of which was assigned to the investigative group.

The scene of the incident, the և corpses of the vehicles were examined, forensic և forensic, forensic-technical-forensic complex examinations of the corpse were appointed, a number of persons were interrogated. Measures are being taken to find out all the circumstances of the incident. The investigation is underway.
Сегодня, 08:59
The Minister of Justice Rustam Badasyan at today's special sitting convened by the government proposed to extend the state of emergency for another 30 days, but with the lifting of certain restrictions.

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, in his turn, stated that demonstrations, marches, rallies can take place in Armenia, provided that the participants will wear a mandatory mask and maintain social distance.

"But I still want to say, if suddenly, God forbid, as a result of these weakening we have an increase in numbers again, we will have to impose restrictions again.
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The joke of the Armenian family has become an internet hit. An Armenian family living in the United States invites their youngest son, brother Vardan, to try magic.
They throw clothes on Vartan հետո after the magic words the boy "disappears".
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The main thesis of the "revolution" in Armenia was "Serzhik, leave", the main meaning of which was that we remove the former robbers, the government that oppressed the people, and the revolutionaries come with loud slogans that they are ready to take on the task of rebuilding the plundered country. They are ready to go to work on foot, not to use expensive official cars, not to perceive business trips as a voyage, in short, to become one of us.

If we pay close attention to the speeches of the Imkaya deputies, then that thought, in this or that package, was regularly voiced. Moreover, Nikol Pashinyan declared the Republic Square the highest body of the people's power, where all the decisions had to be made. And what we actually saw and practically saw a year later was very moving.