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"Fact". How is the photo of Pashinyan posted in the offices?
"Fact" daily writes. "Recently, information has been published that hanging a photo of Nikol Pashinyan in the offices of state officials has become mandatory. Recently, the chairman of the State Revenue Committee, Rustam Badasyan, stated that "this is the new order," which was decided by the government.

"Fact" newspaper applied to the RA Prime Minister's Office, asking to answer the following questions.

1. How was that procedure defined? Is there a relevant document (circular, instruction, decision, other normative legal act)?

2. Is it mandatory for all officials to post a photo of the Prime Minister? Դեպքում What will happen to those officials if they do not comply with this procedure?
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In 2015, Anahit Simonyan posted a photo on her Instagram page, announcing that Vladimir Poghosyan had been baptized; she and Hayko are the singer's godfather and godmother.
"Today is a very happy day. We are honored to become the godmother and godfather of a very close person. Vladimir Poghosyan. "A man with a capital letter, a friend with whom I spent half my life at the State Song Theater, and I continue to be friends to this day," wrote Anahit
However, over the years, their intimacy did not deepen, and rumors began to circulate that their communication had stopped. In one of his interviews, Vladimir spoke about their relationship.
"I love 'Hayko և՜ Anahit very much, I understand that they are very busy people and I do not have that character to manipulate that fact and go to their house every day. I will not hide that from time to time communication freezes, of course we live in such times, people
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He was not a Turk! Who are the real robbers of Karvachar? I shot at them. Arshak Zakaryan
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For more than 2 hours, the police have been carrying out an intensified service in Nor Nork administrative district of Yerevan. According to photojournalist Gagik Shamshyan, the police stopped the cars, introduced themselves, and then demanded a driver's license and a technical certificate from the drivers.

During that short period, several drivers were found driving without a driver's license.

The photojournalist also reports that weapons and ammunition were found.

All the offending drivers were brought to administrative responsibility by the patrols of the Yerevan Regiment of the RA Police Patrol Service.
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Tensed situation in the 7th Massif. There was a clash between citizens and police (video)
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Hours ago, in front of the Press Building on Arshakunyats Avenue, three vehicles collided, including a passenger minibus.

Maral Najaryan, a Lebanese-Armenian who returned from captivity in Azerbaijan a few months ago, and his sister were among the Gazelle passengers. The information was confirmed by Maral's sister Ani Najaryan in a conversation with "Haykakan Zhamanak". The sisters were taken to hospital after the accident, but did not have any serious injuries. They were discharged from the hospital after undergoing the necessary medical examination.
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"A little while ago, my brother called from his father's house and said that at this late hour, police officers from the Erebuni police station came to our house, and the NSS, which was not the basis of their visit, had a note about one of my Facebook posts.

You imagined, didn't you, why our country is in this situation?

The service, which has left a thousand and one security problems in the country and has become a tool to support national betrayal, deals with my statuses.

That is not enough, while sending another absurd letter to the police, the NSS does not know that I have been living at another address for 10 years, and at night it sends people to my father's house.

Oh, the lands you handed over to you.
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"You know that in Soviet times there was no airport in Kovsakan. "But now it will not be just an airport, but an international airport. Kovsakan will become the center of transport logistics of our country," said Azerbaijani President Ilham Ali in the occupied Kovsakan.

He also said! "The Zangezur corridor passes through here, a railway is being built, the Horadiz-Aghbend highway is being built. The recent events related to the opening of the Zangezur corridor show that we are achieving what we want. ”

Ali also accused the Armenian people of "illegally exploiting the Vezhnal gold mine with foreign companies."
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Singer Lilit Hovhannisyan published a photo of how she feeds her baby. The photo is presented below
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On October 20, on the 51st km of the Yerevan-Gyumri highway, a tragic car accident took place on the M-1 road, where the newly built road under the North-South road construction program joins the still unrepaired road with certain curves. Despite the fact that this obviously complicates the traffic, there were no traffic warning signs at the scene, and the relevant road construction norms were not observed. The RA Prosecutor's Office informed about this, noting that the responsible representatives of the competent bodies were invited to the scene of the tragic car accident.

"As it has already been informed, a tragic car accident took place on October 20 on the 51st km of the Yerevan-Gyumri highway. The "GAZelle" car deviated from the traffic lane, overturned, as a result of which the driver of the car died, four passengers, and 17 people were taken to medical institutions with various bodily injuries. "Immediately after receiving the information about the incident, the investigation and pre-investigation bodies initiated the circumstances of the tragic car accident. says in the message.

According to the source, on the instruction of the RA Prosecutor General, the RA Deputy Prosecutor General Armen Afandyan operatively left for the scene to assess the situation on the spot, the need to assess the situation, especially the conditions contributing to the tragedy.

For this purpose, on the initiative of the Prosecutor's Office, officials responsible for taking traffic safety measures and supervising the compliance with road construction norms were invited to the scene, in particular, The director of the SNCO.