29-02-2020, 22:52
If we look at the field of power generation in the logic of hybrid warfare, it will be obvious that at least at this stage Armenia is defeated. Vahe Davtyan, an expert on energy security, member of the political council of One Armenia party, told Tert.am, presenting the fact of development of export of electricity to Azerbaijan. According to him, Armenia does not attempt to register the same successes.

Earlier, Davtyan posted on his Facebook page that Azerbaijan had become an absolute leader in the Georgian market as a result of the lack of electricity from Georgia to Georgia, and today Baku offered Tbilisi to build a high-voltage transmission line across the Black Sea to EU electricity.

“The basic problem is that Armenia was traditionally viewed as a country with surplus electricity generation capacity in the region. Back in the Soviet times, Armenia was the pillar of the region's electricity security. The same logic continued in the post-Soviet period, ”he said, adding that Armenia's energy system has always been stable.

The expert noted that especially in the last two years Armenia has completely lost its electricity market with Georgia. "Whereas only a few years ago we were providing about 15% of electricity consumed in Georgia, but by 2019 the volume of electricity exported from Armenia to Georgia reached 0 kW / h, that is, we did not export at all, we started importing something," he said. Davtyan.

According to Davtyan, all this has led to Azerbaijan strengthening its position. "If we try to put all this into the logic of Armenia's energy system efficiency, then we can come to the conclusion that by losing external power markets, we cannot have the resources that will allow even sustainable domestic and community-centric energy development," - He added that the debt accumulated within the country's energy system also contributes to this.

The latter noted that it is not excluded that similar results will be observed in the Iranian direction. According to him, despite the fact that the export of electricity to Iran is stable, as a result of development in Azerbaijan, Armenia may face serious problems, as the Iranian side is not very satisfied with the tariff.

"The government should have a conceptual basis, because what we have is outdated and does not meet the challenges of the current region," he said, adding that he had read the government's energy development plan, which he said was incomprehensible and He has no long life.
29-02-2020, 18:07
The Pope's office today canceled one of the events because of Pope Francis' poor health.

The grandfather's health deteriorated after yesterday's event, during which he expressed support for the new coronavirus infections and had close contact with believers.

Yesterday he was seen coughing and nose piercing. Yet, in that state, the Pope continued to shake hands and bless his followers. Minutes ago the Vatican officially issued a statement that the Pope had confirmed the presence of Coronavros.
29-02-2020, 17:58
Aries. Today, you are impatient and nervous, making important decisions, disregarding the opinions of others and earning enemies. There will be financial difficulties, and your fault. You tend to spend more than you can afford.

The day is not at all convenient for communicating with influential people. As you strive to gain their patronage, you let go of one another's stupidity, and as a result, you put too much emphasis on your many initiatives. In the second half of the day, slight discomfort is possible

Taurus. It is a good day to make changes in all areas of life. You can start with little or nothing, and the stars will always be on your side. Do not hurry to share thoughts about your plans so that pointless advice will not deter you from choosing the path.

It's a good day for shopping. You spend money wisely, you only get what you really need. Old debt repayments, expensive gifts may be possible, including from people you haven't seen in a long time.

Twins: Morning may seem like a bad day, but soon things will change as time tends to get better. Use the first half of the day to work on your own, and the second to discuss practical issues and participate in collaborative projects.
The day's endeavors will be crowned with success. You do not embark on things that are beyond your power and you spend your energy wisely. Today you lose your head easily and with pleasure, but the affair does not lead to serious relationships.
29-02-2020, 17:54
Ria Novosti reports that Pope Francis has canceled group events but continues working meetings.

For days, the pope has missed a planned liturgy in Rome because of mild ill health, as the Vatican official explained at the time.
29-02-2020, 17:13
Businessman Samvel Alexanyan's son Alex Alexanyan surprised his mother, Shogherina. The latter posted the video on his Instagram post and wrote: "My World, Alex."
29-02-2020, 16:49
2012 year. May 6, 2009 - Shushan Petrosyan was elected a deputy of the National Assembly of the Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) by the electoral roll. He is a member of the NA Standing Committee on Science, Education, Culture, Youth and Sport.

The fact that Shushan Petrosyan became an MP was not accepted positively by the Armenian society, giving her negative qualifications.

Sh. Petrosyan did not show any political activity during his parliamentary activity. He rarely makes speeches and votes for projects that all RPA lawmakers vote for. He occasionally convenes press conferences in which he defends the position of the ruling Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) members, members and the latter [
29-02-2020, 16:22
Artsakh is the embodiment of the collective dream of our people. This is not an attempt to hide behind pathetic words, nor a style of saying anything with allegories, former Armenian Ambassador to the Vatican Michael Mikasyan wrote on his Facebook page.

In particular, he noted: “This can be substantiated, including by political and economic categories.

Artsakh is our 21st century passport, the right to exist and the litmus of our best qualities. Artsakh is our only connection with real politics. It is because of him that we are taken into account, that we represent something in the region and in the world.

Today, when there is widespread and nationwide chaos and noise in Armenia, Artsakh is filtering out the important and unimportant. If it weren't for Artsakh, it would have turned out that the cash-strapped businesswoman who didn't provide the cash register at the restaurant is a more dangerous enemy for our country than Aliyev and his Azerbaijan. Had it not been for Artsakh, it would have turned out that the one who kept the country was not the soldier but the status writer on social networks. The list goes on.

Soon elections will be held in Artsakh. Its importance is hardly talked about. In Yerevan, it is seen as a continuation of recent domestic developments, the establishment of new power, Stepanakert - a new chance for increased role-playing or long-held revanchism. While it is clear that this is not another political change at all. It is more than just a change of government.

Artsakh is not only a state with classical perception. Artsakh is our citadel. By his strength we will be able to survive and conquer our right to live or be physically exterminated. Artsakh is our course, the path of our dream to be defended.
29-02-2020, 16:04
You care, you don't know what's there for you,
They are hurting your poor soul,
With crampons, slim,
Run away, goat, run away hunting,
Your little ones are crying sadly.

The hunter will come to you with a lamp,
You want your hand to wash with your blood,
Pity your aware mountain and gorge
Get off the goat ...

Varskaya has no mercy;
Either he will kill you or your child,
No water ball to the gun,
Get off the goat ...

You don't walk the field or think well.
You will be offended, you will have great pain,
Don't get out of the dense forest at all,
Get off the goat ...

Don't enter the gorges - it's dangerous there,
Hunters will go there - it's used to,
As you hit the cave, he will roll you over,
Get off the goat ...
29-02-2020, 15:49
The main cause of heat is viruses, and antibiotics against viruses are useless. Doctor Hayk Manasyan mentioned this in the Prospect booth when answering Aram Abrahamyan's question whether antibiotics can be used in the heat. He also confirmed that coronavirus is a major threat to the elderly.

“We have not had a death in the world until the age of 9 The under-40 mortality rate is 1 in 500. Gradually, by the age of 50, 60, and 80, the percentage is already rising. That's why the elderly have to be careful, young people can be careless that they have nothing serious, but they can pass it on to grandpa. "

Asked about how useful home remedies are, Abrahamyan clarified that vodka weakens immunity, and garlic is useful but not curative.

"Vodka weakens the body, in this case it can also be harmful, because the liver and the body make great efforts to destroy the vodka, consuming a lot of energy. Garlic can be healthy as a meal, just as drinking water for a thirsty person is healthy, but it does not cure anything and practically nothing prevents it. ”
29-02-2020, 15:41
In Algeria, a man posted a photo on Facebook and wrote that if he did not collect 1,000 likes, he would throw the child down. The boy took the child out of the 15-story window and took pictures. Here's what Facebook can lead to.

The case also went to court and the child's father testified that he had just played with the child, but the court sentenced the man to two years in prison.