» "Shameful thing happened". Stepan Safaryan

"Shameful thing happened". Stepan Safaryan

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Political scientist Styopa Safaryan wrote on her Facebook page: "The Venice Commission on Hope and Reliance on the Former Government has stated that there is no state commitment and word in the Istanbul Convention on third-sex investment, family structure change, sexual orientation propaganda and other manipulations. It is exclusively about women subjected to violence.

Something shameful happened; The Chamber of Advocates of the Republic of Armenia, the Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) and others must either admit that they do not understand the reading or have committed a scandal by misinforming the public. Whatever the case, they are in fact obliged to follow the request of their beloved, beloved Venice Commission.

It seems to me that Marina Khachatryan is going to be strained again. But I don't know where. "