» Will electricity tariffs change?

Will electricity tariffs change?

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“There has been much talk lately about the liberalization of the Armenian energy market. What does this suppose, would this liberalization, as it usually happens, not lead to higher tariffs, and why are we taking this step?

For clarification of these and other issues, we turned to Hakob Vardanyan, the Deputy Minister of Energy for Territorial Administration and Infrastructure. Especially, this is one of the issues that are included in our country's energy system until 2040. in the development strategy that is under discussion.

The deputy minister first stressed that only 10 percent of the market would be liberalized at an early stage so that they could see what the risks might be, and if there was anything wrong, there would be nothing terrible, "they would come back." As for the issue of tariffs, the state will definitely use appropriate mechanisms to prevent agreements.