» Your place is the battlefield against women

Your place is the battlefield against women

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The government has launched a dirty campaign against Artsakh's hero, General Vitaly Balasanyan. They may not be able to see the reality with their eyes wide open, confronted by the hero Balasanyan with his sobering statements from time to time. The general periodically holds the mirror in front of the government to see who they are, and since they have nothing to admire, they take it painfully and painfully. These days, too, those who want to speak out against Vitaly Balasanyan are thrown into the arena, and since normal people have nothing to say against General Balasanyan, the government is recruiting jitters and releasing them in small batches on a regular basis. The next turn is the well-known Kocharyan Andranik, who is known for his brash statements. The public did not digest his indecent insults to Arpine Hovhannisyan, but she was struck by new delusions. He said that Vitaly Balasanyan had no right to give orders during the April war, he was only engaged in PR.