» Hovik Abrahamyan's and Karen Karapetyan's gift to Nikol Pashinyan

Hovik Abrahamyan's and Karen Karapetyan's gift to Nikol Pashinyan

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In the last few days, the information field has been full of publications on the 23rd World Conference on Information Technology. On social networks, small, medium and large-scale officials make publications about the conference. This conference serves the authorities as much as possible to promote them, presenting them as one of the most important achievements of their authority. Moreover, the presence of world-class faces is presented as the result of brilliant organizational work.

Interestingly, this time around, the authorities have forgotten, at least implicitly, that this conference is also one of the achievements of the former authorities, such as the Francophone Forum and the EEU Supreme Economic Council.

Former Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan's government in 2016 laid the groundwork for organizing the World Conference on Information Technology in Armenia in 2019 (details here). Hovik Abrahamyan's government has spared no effort to make this large-scale event happen in Armenia. The preparations for the events continued in the years following the government of former Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan. It was ready for the new authorities and needed a few technical issues.

So this can be considered as a lavish gift from former Prime Ministers Hovik Abrahamyan and Karen Karapetyan to Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan. And from the point of view of charity, it would be good if Pashinyan in his speech would like to thank those who brought this important event to Armenia on behalf of the former authorities.