» CP candidate got a heart attack. hraparak.am:

CP candidate got a heart attack. hraparak.am:

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Davit Ghulunts, the mayoral candidate of the "Civil Contract" party in the Tegh community of Syunik region, recently had a heart attack and was hospitalized. He is the nephew of Governor Melikset Poghosyan and now his uncle has taken over the entire burden of the campaign.

Tsulunts answered us in a rather weak voice, asking him not to be disturbed ․ "I will take care of him, there is nothing," he said, not wanting to detail more, is he in the hospital at the moment or has he already been discharged.

To the question, how does he imagine the future struggle, is it possible to leave the election campaign, he answered ․ "We have good opinions, but whatever happens ․․․ I participate in the struggle, I will do everything."