» Let's disappoint Nazeli Baghdasaryan a little, breaking the spell

Let's disappoint Nazeli Baghdasaryan a little, breaking the spell

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After the end of the local elections yesterday and the preliminary counting of the results, the governor of Shirak Nazeli Baghdasaryan made a post on Facebook at one o'clock, sharing the joy with the supporters ․ "In the enlarged community of Ashotsk, with the preliminary result, the" Civil Contract "won, in the enlarged Artik, the CP also won." And finally the governor's joy became complete when he received the final picture of the 4 enlarged communities of the region ․ "Thus we are the leaders in all 4 communities of the region," he wrote. His joy was quite understandable. After all, the December 5 elections in the enlarged communities were a serious ordeal for the newly elected governor. After the unsuccessful attempt at the local elections in Gyumri, the government involuntarily exiled him to his native region in order to at least to some extent justify their expectations. Appointed governor just a month ago, the first thing he did was change community leaders. Apparently, the newly elected governor is satisfied with his work. The results of the elections seem to be satisfactory for him.