» Who are the families of the adopted children? Zhoghovurd

Who are the families of the adopted children? Zhoghovurd

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Zhoghovurd daily writes: "Director of the Republican Institute of Reproductive Health, Perinatology, Obstetrics and Gynecology CJSC Razmik Abrahamyan, Deputy Director Arshak Jherjeryan, Director of" Yerevan Children's Home "SNCO were arrested yesterday on suspicion of illegally divorcing a child from parents.

The Zhoghovurd daily reported that a woman had been detained in the criminal case, whose name, of course, we did not disclose on the grounds of confidentiality. Of course, he was later released on bail. We also wrote that law enforcement officers had invited persons from France to be interrogated in the context of this criminal case.

And now, details of the actions of those arrested on suspicion of criminal activity and the expected developments in the newspaper have been revealed. In particular, law enforcement found families whose children were adopted by foreign nationals and recorded that families of adopted children lived in extremely difficult conditions.