» Police arrested an official while receiving a bribe

Police arrested an official while receiving a bribe

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As a result of the measures taken by the Yerevan City Police Department, on December 20, the General Department for Combating Organized Crime received a report of a corruption-related crime. On the basis of the report, large-scale operative investigations conducted by officers of the Department of Anti-Corruption and Crimes Against Economic Activity resulted in factual information that one of the officers of the Nor Nork Military Commissariat was released for the third time from the mandatory termination of conscription by a conscript. and to organize the rally in a short time, the parent of the rookie demanded $ 1,500 bribe per wall arabanelov that is to be transferred to members of the medical commission of $ 1,000, $ 500 and behave. On December 28, a military commissariat official demanded $ 1,000 from his office in his office after being arrested and detained by the General Directorate of Police. A search of the office revealed the money. A criminal case has been initiated on the fact. An officer of the military commissariat has been arrested. An investigation is underway.