» Supernaturalists, secretive salary increases, luxurious premiums.

Supernaturalists, secretive salary increases, luxurious premiums.

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Summing up 2019, we should note that the first post-revolutionary year was a turning point in the country's governance. Why and how - let's try to make it cool.

Secret Salary Increase
Following the early parliamentary elections in December 2018, the first revolutionary government was formed in early 2019, the main and only slogan of which was the fight against corruption. Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan assured us night and night that members of his cabinet are not taking bribes, they are far from corruption, true devotees of the revolution. Only a few months later it became known that the revolutionary devotees were not ready to serve the country on a low state budget. The government secretly doubled the salaries of ministers, deputy ministers, governors and all other senior officials. Minister's salary increased from 793 680 AMD to 1.5 million AMD Deputy Minister's salary increased from 562 thousand AMD to 1 million 60 thousand AMD, Secretary General's salary increased from 595 thousand AMD to 870 thousand AMD, including income tax. At the same time, the tradition of luxurious premiums revealed late last year continued.