» Government-PAP Trade Fruits: looters become saints

Government-PAP Trade Fruits: looters become saints

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Today it became known that the criminal case initiated against Spartak Ghukasyan, son of Prosperous Armenia faction MP, former Gyumri mayor Spartak Ghukasyan has been dropped and the prosecution has been suspended. Vardan Ghukasyan's son, Spartak Ghukasyan, was charged with unlawful release from compulsory military service. The criminal case brought against him was dropped on the grounds of the absence of a crime.

Thus, for several months now, many have been waiting for the punishment of the government for Vardan Ghukasyan, the man who "robbed half of the second city" of the republic, which was announced by Nikol Pashinyan in the National Assembly for months. He even threatened to "lay down the asphalt and pay with the poles".