» Horoscope for February 29

Horoscope for February 29

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Aries. Not all issues are resolved, but you prefer not to focus on them and move on. Remember that it takes effort to succeed. Only those who take other measures, avoid open clashes, resort to cunning are easily reached.

Disagreements will arise with men, you will not even understand those with whom you have always been in solidarity. Today you are very strict, make sharp comments, even your closest friends and relatives will be criticized.

Taurus. The ability to easily communicate with strangers is not in your favor today. The stars advise you to be more cautious and not to negotiate or bargain. Profits from commercial transactions will be highly questionable.

There is no need to come up with practical suggestions today. It is also not desirable to make decisions that can lead to serious changes. Be prudent not only in business but also in personal relationships. Before moving to a new location or undertaking repairs, it is advisable to do some good work.

Twins: You will get things done right in time, and you will start doing things that will be profitable. All attempts to persuade, distract, and hinder you to the contrary are in vain. It's a great day to restore old business relationships, return to your former jobs. You will meet people with whom you have shared common business interests.

In terms of personal relationships, the day is a success. But nothing is easy, you have to work on yourself, overcome your weaknesses, give up bad habits.

Cancer. It's a great day for anyone who is concerned about dealing with family and loved ones. Focusing on the job is unlikely to succeed, but you will be able to spend a wonderful time with friends. Easily find language with them and avoid disagreements.

Not all markers will be able to reasonably be guided. Many crayfish give the impression of imagination. Fortunately, there will be people who will help you avoid mistakes and keep back your thoughtless steps. Although today you do not always follow the advice of the heartfelt.

Leo. You want sharp feelings, and that desire can cause you to think unintentionally. For many celebrities, the day is associated with some unpleasant events. In any case, the result will be that you gain a lot of experience, you will learn new things.

It is a good day for active rest and for trips. If you still can't afford to get out of the way, plan for your next trip. It will be fun and will raise the mood. It's a great day for dating, relationships with a loved one.