» Erdogan called Putin and asked for a meeting, and Putin set a condition

Erdogan called Putin and asked for a meeting, and Putin set a condition

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Turkologist Karen Hovhannisyan touches upon problems in Russian-Turkish relations:

“What has finally happened in the past 24 hours? During these 24 hours, Turkey appeared to the world in all its misery.

In Idlib, as in other Syrian settlements, the stealth was trying to carry out a military operation. He should not have been where the Syrian forces had struck while he was there, supporting the terrorists. To say that the Russians or the Syrians did not know about it would be naive, but decided that they should punish Turkey severely for its misery.

After beating himself up in Idlib, Erdogan has ordered the shutdown of social networks in Turkey because of concerns that anti-government protests could be launched with the help of social networks. After the bloody defeat, the Pentagon is calling, I suppose the US forces in Syria will help, but in vain, the US is limited to a statement. Calling NATO, again with the expectation of military assistance, there is also frustration here, as NATO too is satisfied with the statement.

It uses traditional blackmail, declares that it opens the door for refugees to Europe, and a zero response from around the world. Erdogan's panic-stricken sit-in, meetings with political party leaders, addressing the people also do not bother him, and he is forced to engage in direct dialogue.

This time, he calls Putin and asks for a meeting, and Putin, I suppose, puts Erdogan ahead of the discussion. This is all the more evident after Lavrov's statement not to interfere with the Syrian army in the fight against terrorists, with full control of the two roads of strategic importance ...

Here is today's Turkey with all its "magic."