» PHOTO: Misha's note and canvas posted by the son-in-law

PHOTO: Misha's note and canvas posted by the son-in-law

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Artsakh is the embodiment of the collective dream of our people. This is not an attempt to hide behind pathetic words, nor a style of saying anything with allegories, former Armenian Ambassador to the Vatican Michael Mikasyan wrote on his Facebook page.

In particular, he noted: “This can be substantiated, including by political and economic categories.

Artsakh is our 21st century passport, the right to exist and the litmus of our best qualities. Artsakh is our only connection with real politics. It is because of him that we are taken into account, that we represent something in the region and in the world.

Today, when there is widespread and nationwide chaos and noise in Armenia, Artsakh is filtering out the important and unimportant. If it weren't for Artsakh, it would have turned out that the cash-strapped businesswoman who didn't provide the cash register at the restaurant is a more dangerous enemy for our country than Aliyev and his Azerbaijan. Had it not been for Artsakh, it would have turned out that the one who kept the country was not the soldier but the status writer on social networks. The list goes on.

Soon elections will be held in Artsakh. Its importance is hardly talked about. In Yerevan, it is seen as a continuation of recent domestic developments, the establishment of new power, Stepanakert - a new chance for increased role-playing or long-held revanchism. While it is clear that this is not another political change at all. It is more than just a change of government.

Artsakh is not only a state with classical perception. Artsakh is our citadel. By his strength we will be able to survive and conquer our right to live or be physically exterminated. Artsakh is our course, the path of our dream to be defended.