Horoscope for March 1

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Aries. Today, you are impatient and nervous, making important decisions, disregarding the opinions of others and earning enemies. There will be financial difficulties, and your fault. You tend to spend more than you can afford.

The day is not at all convenient for communicating with influential people. As you strive to gain their patronage, you let go of one another's stupidity, and as a result, you put too much emphasis on your many initiatives. In the second half of the day, slight discomfort is possible

Taurus. It is a good day to make changes in all areas of life. You can start with little or nothing, and the stars will always be on your side. Do not hurry to share thoughts about your plans so that pointless advice will not deter you from choosing the path.

It's a good day for shopping. You spend money wisely, you only get what you really need. Old debt repayments, expensive gifts may be possible, including from people you haven't seen in a long time.

Twins: Morning may seem like a bad day, but soon things will change as time tends to get better. Use the first half of the day to work on your own, and the second to discuss practical issues and participate in collaborative projects.
The day's endeavors will be crowned with success. You do not embark on things that are beyond your power and you spend your energy wisely. Today you lose your head easily and with pleasure, but the affair does not lead to serious relationships.