» Just years ago we were providing 15% of the electricity consumed in Georgia

Just years ago we were providing 15% of the electricity consumed in Georgia

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If we look at the field of power generation in the logic of hybrid warfare, it will be obvious that at least at this stage Armenia is defeated. Vahe Davtyan, an expert on energy security, member of the political council of One Armenia party, told Tert.am, presenting the fact of development of export of electricity to Azerbaijan. According to him, Armenia does not attempt to register the same successes.

Earlier, Davtyan posted on his Facebook page that Azerbaijan had become an absolute leader in the Georgian market as a result of the lack of electricity from Georgia to Georgia, and today Baku offered Tbilisi to build a high-voltage transmission line across the Black Sea to EU electricity.

“The basic problem is that Armenia was traditionally viewed as a country with surplus electricity generation capacity in the region. Back in the Soviet times, Armenia was the pillar of the region's electricity security. The same logic continued in the post-Soviet period, ”he said, adding that Armenia's energy system has always been stable.

The expert noted that especially in the last two years Armenia has completely lost its electricity market with Georgia. "Whereas only a few years ago we were providing about 15% of electricity consumed in Georgia, but by 2019 the volume of electricity exported from Armenia to Georgia reached 0 kW / h, that is, we did not export at all, we started importing something," he said. Davtyan.

According to Davtyan, all this has led to Azerbaijan strengthening its position. "If we try to put all this into the logic of Armenia's energy system efficiency, then we can come to the conclusion that by losing external power markets, we cannot have the resources that will allow even sustainable domestic and community-centric energy development," - He added that the debt accumulated within the country's energy system also contributes to this.

The latter noted that it is not excluded that similar results will be observed in the Iranian direction. According to him, despite the fact that the export of electricity to Iran is stable, as a result of development in Azerbaijan, Armenia may face serious problems, as the Iranian side is not very satisfied with the tariff.

"The government should have a conceptual basis, because what we have is outdated and does not meet the challenges of the current region," he said, adding that he had read the government's energy development plan, which he said was incomprehensible and He has no long life.