» Are you serious about helping each other?

Are you serious about helping each other?

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Political scientist Hrant Melik-Shahnazaryan made a note on his Facebook page, referring to Nikol Pashinyan's thoughts voiced live on Facebook.

He particularly mentions that it is the result of years of indifference that the Prime Minister has just realized that the neighbor can help the neighbor, share his care, and so on.

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"It is unbelievable how soon Nikol Pashinyan was cut off from reality. It was really impossible to imagine such a record. He has been the Prime Minister for only two years, now he has come to speak about "communal solidarity".

He thought of something, he advised people. Make sense. So let me say that I hope that one of them will reach Nikol, our people have been living like that for a long time. Let me say for a thousand years, you imagine two, three, four. And if Nicole has just realized that the bridegroom can help the bridegroom, share his care, etc., it is only the result of his indifference for years, which today he tries to hide with false care. If so, help each other. Was he seriously thinking that people were sitting there waiting for him? Seriously?

There is another problem. So, this government of apologists, led by its Prime Minister, has been talking for almost a month about the fact that they are not able to "locate" the citizens with difficult social situation. They are looking for and do not find. In other words, they do not know the situation. They don't know how to work with the general public. Therefore, they cannot organize the normal work of people. They can't lead. They can't do anything.

And they talk openly about all this. To the joy of our enemies. Well, then? What other messages do you have, for example, to pass on to Ali? Do you think about the consequences of your confessions?

It's been two years since you came to power, during all that time have you thought for at least two minutes about what every word and step you take can lead to? Are you insane? ”