» You have been wanting to hit me for a year. Argument between Alen Simoyan and Edmon Marukyan

You have been wanting to hit me for a year. Argument between Alen Simoyan and Edmon Marukyan

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Today, on May 13, a debate started in the NA corridor between NA Vice Speaker Alen Simonyan and LHP leader Edmon Marukyan.

Alen Simonyan told Edmon Marukyan that violence against citizens took place during the events of 2018, during which he wrote in the "Exit" bloc group and called for taking to the streets as a member of the Council of Elders, but Marukyan did not come out.

Marukyan said that the statement made by Alen Simonyan is false. "There is a video that there was violence, we came. I came with Aram Sargsyan. Now I will put the shots on my Facebook wall that after the violence we go to the hospital and come to the Square with Pashinyan. ”

Referring to the fight in the National Assembly and the recent tense atmosphere, Alen Simonyan said that he accepts the apologies expressed by Edmon Marukyan. "I appreciate that and I urge you to return to work, because what you are saying here is that there is no other opinion, it is an insult. No one hit you from behind, it's in the video as well. ”

Marukyan responded. "Look who you're dealing with. The whole world is watching, Alen Simonyan says they didn't hit you from behind. I don't have an argument with you, and then Nikol Pashinyan is guilty that you speak like that, he doesn't condemn your behavior. "

Alen Simonyan said that Edmon Marukyan wanted to be beaten. "You have been wanting to hit me for a year. You do everything I can to hit you. Mr. Marukyan, you have done everything to be beaten so that you can give an interview and make a speech. I'm sorry, the insult is not an opinion. "

Marukyan said that Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan is responsible for them. "I call on Alen Simonyan to condemn the friends who hit me from behind."

Alen Simonyan mentioned that the government should not have been provoked either. "We have given you a chance many times. Unfortunately, you did not use that chance. ”