» The murder of a policeman is revealed

The murder of a policeman is revealed

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The RA Police informs that the incident that took place last night which resulted in the death of a police officer is revealed. The Public Relations and Information Department of the RA Police informs:

“On the night of October 16, at 3.40am, police officers noticed one person in one of the squads performing a night service at the Arabkir Security Division of the General State Police Department on Azatutyan Avenue. They saw the patrol car and fled. Police officers pursued and arrested them at the intersection of Liberty Avenue and Babayan Street. The detainees resisted. During this time one of them grabbed one of the police pistols, hit the policeman's head and then fired at the other.

They fled the scene. Tigran Arakelyan, a 38-year-old police officer from Arabkir district, died as a result of the gunshot wound.