» "Do not burn your houses." Anna Hakobyan

"Do not burn your houses." Anna Hakobyan

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RA Prime Minister's wife Anna Hakobyan wrote on her Facebook page. "Our army, our soldier stood up to the end in an unequal and unjust war!" They fought heroically alone against the armies of several countries, resisting the blows of the enemy from the front, the weak from behind and the traitors.

In 2018, we defeated the robbers of the state in an unequal struggle, as a citizen we turned our backs, because we believed in our victory and did not back down in the face of the millions and power accumulated by them.

As a state, a people, we will turn our backs, we will conquer the whole world only in one case, if we believe in our victory as one person, overcome our fears, eradicate the traitors among us, do not retreat before any force.

Dear citizens of Artsakh, do not set your houses on fire. The Armenian people should be protecting their home, not setting it on fire.

We will overcome our internal problems, we will correct our mistakes, և you will return to your homes. We will all do it together, with daily hard work as much as required.

We as a nation-state will turn our backs. The Armenian people will never allow 1915 again, they will not commit genocide under the indifferent gaze of the whole world. "