» In fact, Pashinyan handed over to the Turks not 7 but 9 regions, plus a part of Martuni region

In fact, Pashinyan handed over to the Turks not 7 but 9 regions, plus a part of Martuni region

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It is said that with the Pashinyan capitulation that brought the Armenians to their knees before the Turks, the "7 regions" were handed over to the enemy.
But according to the published paper, which is nothing but unconditional and absolute capitulation of Armenia and Artsakh, it is not all about "7 regions".

It seems that they have not understood or are doing it, or only the irreversible Nicholas, the lifelong "poles" and the "pedestrians" still in power have not understood.

Let's talk about facts. According to that letter, proud, uncorrupted and legitimate Nikol Pashinyan (և, in fact, his teammates-supporters) agreed with one movement of the pen that the enemy, the Azerbaijani side, was left to Karvachar (Kelbajar), Kashatagh (Lachin), Kubatli. Zangelan, Jebrail, Fizuli, Aghdam regions. Or rather, the listed are the "7 districts" that are so scattered.

During the war started by the Turkish-Azerbaijani terrorist tandem on September 27, at the time of signing the capitulation document, the enemy occupied the regions of Kubatli, Zangelan, Jebrail and Fizuli. And a considerable part of the Lachin region - the whole Karvachar region, a certain part of the area called Aghdam region - is under the control of the Artsakh army, the Armenian armed forces.
But, according to the letter signed by Pashinyan, all those regions are Aghdam, and more importantly, the regions of Lachin and Karvachar are handed over directly and quickly to the enemy. This is the "7 districts". The "7 regions" that the Azerbaijani authorities have been trying to return for decades and in vain. By the way, the omission of the negotiation process was that we did not demand the return of a part of Martakert region, Shahumyan region, just as consistently. But it went on for a very long time. What?

However, the compatriots who have maintained a basic sobriety of thought will hint that at the moment the Hadrut region of Artsakh և Shushi (Shushi region) is occupied by the enemy, who are passing to the enemy.

We think everyone knows about arithmetic. This is no longer 7 districts, but 7 + 2 districts, that is, 9 districts. Add to this the parts of the Martuni region that were captured by the enemies during the war.