» Who can leave Armenia for Russia? What flights are there in the coming days?

Who can leave Armenia for Russia? What flights are there in the coming days?

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These days, many citizens are wondering who can leave the country under the epidemic, as well as during martial law. Russia remains the most discussed and demanded direction.

What restrictions has been set by the Russian government?
As part of the fight against coronavirus, the Russian government has imposed restrictions on visitors to the country. In particular, Russian citizens can travel to Russia without hindrance. In addition to Russian citizens, family members, guardians and trustees of Russian citizens can visit Russia if they present a valid identity document, a document proving the degree of kinship.

Citizens of the Republic of Armenia who do it for medical treatment can also visit Russia. In this case, I need proof of identity. The invitation of the medical institution where the given citizen should receive the treatment is also needed.

Foreign citizens with permanent residence status in that country can also go to Russia.

Restrictions stemming from the martial law declared in Armenia
In addition to the Russian government's restrictions, the Armenian government has imposed restrictions on leaving the country due to the country's martial law. In particular, according to 27.09.2020. According to the decision of the Government of 1586, conscription of persons under 55 years of age has been announced.

Upcoming flights
No flights are planned from Gyumri Shirak Airport in the coming days. There are no landings. According to the schedule, the last flight from Gyumri airport to Volgograd was on November 12.

There were three flights from Yerevan Zvartnots Airport to Moscow today, and one flight to Doha-Minsk.

Tomorrow, on November 16, there will be 5 flights to the Russian Federation: 3 to Moscow, one to Rostov-on-Don and one to Mineralnye Vody. Tomorrow there are also flights to Vienna (3 flights), Minsk (1 flight), Dubai (1 flight) and Damascus (1 flight).

And on November 17 there is one flight to the Russian capital, one flight to Aktau, Doha, Minsk, Tehran and Beirut.