» MP Lusine Badalyan resigns

MP Lusine Badalyan resigns

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During the last nightmarish days, I hoped that we could change something, reap the maximum in the current situation, for the benefit of the Republic of Armenia, with cold judgment, with a united force, for that I was ready to invest everything, because
The country is in great danger ... because internal stability is the most important. "My Step" faction MP Lusine Badalyan wrote about it on her Facebook page.

"Now, I am addressing the NA Speaker, Mr. Ararat Mirzoyan.

I wrote my application that fateful night, you remember, but when there was violence against you, I took it back because it would be at least unfair to leave you alone in that state. After the last post of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia, I have to make a decision ով I hope you will understand me as your student friend, as a person who has sometimes even gone through a difficult journey with you. If My Step does not take immediate action at this very moment, I will relinquish my mandate. Thank you for your understanding. "