» Let them share their cooked meal, we will not taste it ․ Aro from Kornidzor

Let them share their cooked meal, we will not taste it ․ Aro from Kornidzor

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The freedom fighter who took part in the war and stood on the battlefield, the volunteer, having a good idea of ​​the situation, considers the joint statement signed on November 9 to be correct. In a conversation with "Haykakan Zhamanak" this opinion was expressed by freedom fighter, commander of "Kornidzor" detachment Ara Khudaverdyan (Aro of Kornidzor). He answered some of our questions about the war in Artsakh and its consequences.

- Mr. Khudaverdyan, you were at the forefront during the war, what was the situation in general and what is your opinion on the joint statement?

- The signed statement was timely, I would even say a little late. Regardless of the lines in that statement, it is not a book to be kept as it is. There will be changes in those points in the course, there may be territorial changes as well. So the sacrifice of many boys was prevented at that time.

As for the protesters, they know very well what treacherous acts were committed, as they handed over the territories of Hadrut. Let them not shout today that an agreement has been signed. This was a good opportunity for them to try to seize power. The people who had fled to Armenia and told various legends that there was no bread, no clothes, most of them appeared on the political stage of the theater square to try to clean up their treacherous act. They were already being prosecuted as deserters and were trying to eliminate their traces.

Both I and the boys understand that way, the vivid proof of that was the spontaneous gathering held in support of the Prime Minister in the Republic Square a few days ago, when the boys wanted to show their place to those "refugees".

- There is a lot of talk about those betrayals, what kind of betrayal is it, who are they?

- We will say them by name when they are talked about at the state level. And now we are not talking about not pulling the tails before that. The traitors themselves know well who they are. They conducted operations on the spot and made military moves. We had such a picture in the southeastern part. In any case, I do not see the state of Armenia, the government, the leaders of the power system among those traitors. I see those who took on the role of officials there and today give speeches from the theater squares, even in the status of an invisible gray cardinal.