» This war was commanded by a woman

This war was commanded by a woman

Просмотры: 1816
The truth was uttered by General Movses Hakobyan, and the truth, as a rule, is harsh and cruel, uncompromising and unkind. After hearing that truth, can we forgive anyone, forgive ourselves, can we find a way to live in peace with ourselves? We have been told that we are a state, "we believed, because it is nice to live with the feeling of having a state, a statehood." We have been told that we are human, we have believed, because it is also nice to be called a rational being, to live with that feeling. But it turns out that instead of having a state, we had a playground for house-to-house players, when children build houses and buildings out of mud and sand, calling them cities and countries. And instead of statehood, there were sweet, sweet family relationships at a low level: my wife, my son, my family, which is typical of plebeian ambitions, no more. After that, do we have the right to be called intelligent human beings, is it honest to have such a pleasant feeling, or are we just animals living in a certain area, in a pasture?