» Ali asked Putin for 20 minutes. Putin did not give

Ali asked Putin for 20 minutes. Putin did not give

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Azerbaijani President Ilham Ali signed a trilateral statement on Artsakh without asking Erdogan's permission. The @wargonzo project writes about this on its telegram page.

According to an Istanbul source, before the signing, Ali asked Putin for 20 minutes to agree on the issue with Erdogan. The entry of Russian peacekeepers to Artsakh was especially discussed. However, the Russian president did not give such an opportunity to Ali.

Naturally, this news has strained relations between Ankara and Baku, as Erdogan had no plans to hand over control of the region to Russian forces.

Erdogan had planned to deploy Turkish troops in Artsakh, which is not provided for in this statement.

The decision of the Turkish parliament to send Turkish troops to Azerbaijan is conditioned by the above-mentioned circumstance. Erdogan is trying to quickly return the geopolitical units that Ali gave to Putin.

The question of pro-Turkish terrorists in the region remains open. There are reports that Iran and Russia have demanded their immediate removal from the region. Ali said he would do it, but Erdogan resisted. He has his own plans for terrorists, which will be revealed later.