» Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem asks Putin to return Artsakh to Shushi and Hadrut

Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem asks Putin to return Artsakh to Shushi and Hadrut

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The Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem, Archbishop Nourhan Manoogian, sent an official letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin on November 20, expressing his gratitude for the ceasefire and the cessation of hostilities. This was reported by "Liberty" radio station.

In the letter, the Armenian Patriarch asked President Putin to return to Artsakh the cities of Shushi and Hadrut, as well as the centuries-old monasteries, churches, chapels, khachkars and other sanctuaries of the Armenian Apostolic Church, the protection of which has become a significant issue today. At the same time, the Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem reminds that during the Light Holidays in Jerusalem, the Russians have been taking part in the Armenian part for 15 years, thus ensuring the timely transfer of the Holy Fire to Russia. The community of Haifa, led by Father Tirayr Hovakimyan, the caretaker pastor of the local northern cities, implemented 16 separate programs throughout the war, in addition to participating in nationwide pan-Armenian fundraising.

In a conversation with "Azatutyun", referring to the possible reaction of the Russian president, the priest said. "Opinions will be taken into account, because Jerusalem is one of the exceptional centers that has had and still has its influence on the general geopolitical processes, but we must also take into account the agreement reached on November 10. We must take into account the trilateral agreement signed on November 9. " Russia, being a Christian, in his opinion, will take some steps in that direction. During the war, the small Armenian community in Israel provided more than $ 250,000 in assistance, and work continues through donations and various programs to assist Armenia and Artsakh.