» 2 shells of "Iskander" hit Shushi. Remarkable details

2 shells of "Iskander" hit Shushi. Remarkable details

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Yesterday, "Hraparak" was provided with information և videos on the use of other "artillery" means of "Iskander" missile complex used in the direction of Shushi on November 8.

According to the information provided to the "Hraparak" journalist, on November 7, the Azerbaijani forces enter Shushi, in the evening our artillery gives new coordinates to everyone working in that direction, and on November 8 in the morning from 8:40 to 9:00 our The forces start firing rockets at Shushi.

As for the presence or absence of our troops there, the death of our soldiers, it is not clear, because the Armenian side did not fire on a part of Shushi on the right, it is possible that we had troops there, which was preparing after those strikes. to clean և purely the forces of the enemy և has done.

There are 2 shells of "Iskander", which hit mainly the southern and eastern parts of Shushi, and the artillery shells and mines are innumerable.