» The Azerbaijanis answered the phone call

The Azerbaijanis answered the phone call

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Maral had gone to Artsakh with a resettlement program and lived in Berdzor. After the start of the war he was temporarily transferred to Goris. On November 10, he left for Berdzor to bring his personal belongings, on the way back they entered the driver of Shushi, Vigen Euljekekchyan, to take his belongings.

In a conversation with Analitik.am, Maral's sister, Ani Najaryan, confirmed the fact that her sister was overweight.

According to the sister, the Maral family settled in Berdzor months ago. On November 10, he went to move his personal belongings from Berdzor, after which he did not get in touch. Later, the Azeris answered the phone calls.

Maral is a dual citizen of Lebanon and Armenia.

Ani Najaryan applied to the International Committee of the Red Cross, the Artsakh Human Rights Defender, the National Security Service, the Ministry of Defense, the European Court, and the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.