» "I found out it was raining, I slapped my hand to drink, and it was all blood." EA about being captured or miraculously saved

"I found out it was raining, I slapped my hand to drink, and it was all blood." EA about being captured or miraculously saved

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18-year-old EA, who left for compulsory military service in August 2020, had just taken the military oath when the war started. After weeks of fighting on the front lines, EA and his fellow servicemen found themselves under siege and later captured by Azeris.

EA told 168.am how they fought against the enemy, how they found themselves in the blockade, how he miraculously escaped.

"On October 10-11, Hadrut was already under siege, and then we fought, we had a lot of casualties, then we separated with 12 people and fell under the blockade. We spent one night in a house in Hadrut, the next day we wanted to go in the direction of some positions, to see ours, to join them, but we did not have time… There were corpses all the way, we went, we saw corpses, we changed direction. In the forest we were surrounded again, they fell on us with snipers, they were constantly firing. I think it was the village of Taghavard. "And they started shooting at us, and we shot, hit some of them, got angry and opened fire on the grass from four sides, wounded and killed half of the boys, and half of them disappeared," said E.A., who had returned from captivity.

The soldier said that the Azeris had opened fire on the bodies of the already wounded, dead boys to make sure that they were dead, and just when he was in the grass, one of the bullets hit his arm.

"He stood on top of my head and fired several shots with a machine gun, but only one hit my arm, and the others hit me through my pants, hit my shoes, but only this one hit me. I stayed under those grass for 12 days, 6 days hungry, thirsty, I did not move at all, already on the 7th day I came out of there, I saw water in the gorge, a stream was going, I said, go and drink water from there, or they will kill me. let them kill there. I went out, but I could not walk, it was swirling in front of my eyes, I was walking 2 meters, I could not walk, I was out of breath. I saw that there was a damaged car upstairs, one of our cars, I somehow approached that car, I saw that it was muddy, I knew that rain and water had accumulated, I slapped my hand to drink the water, it was all blood…

Somehow I took food from the car, there were tusks and water. When I got on the car, there was a bang, they started hitting the car, I somehow got out of the car and got under the grass again. I was wounded on October 12, I stayed there until October 23, then it was already raining, I was staying there in wet clothes, it was no longer there, the grass owners had already fallen, my place was visible. I went out at night, went to the village, entered a house, in the morning I was already taken prisoner… ".

The soldier told that first he was transferred to Hadrut, then to Azerbaijan.

"Initially, they were taken to various military buildings, transferred to Baku. There was a big building in Baku, we stayed there, from where they have already been transferred to prison. "The violence was mainly in the beginning, when you were just being taken prisoner. We did not see the captives, they pretended that one of them had no information from the other.