» "Square". Who will replace Naira Zohrabyan?

"Square". Who will replace Naira Zohrabyan?

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"Hraparak" newspaper writes. "After removing Naira Zohrabyan from the post of the chairwoman of the NA Human Rights Protection Committee, the PAP will not nominate a new candidate, as it considers the process unconstitutional. The LHP and the PAP appealed to the Constitutional Court to challenge the decision of "My Step".

Until the decision of the Constitutional Court, the leadership of the commission will pass to the ruling faction. Although the committee according to Dont's formula belongs to the PAP quota, but according to the "NA Rules of Procedure" law, that right passes to the largest faction.

"According to our information, they are discussing the candidacy of Maria Karapetyan, who has been 'digging' under Zohrabyan for a long time, writing statuses and making speeches against him."