» "People". Argishti Kyaramyan will be appointed head of the Anti-Corruption Committee

"People". Argishti Kyaramyan will be appointed head of the Anti-Corruption Committee

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People". Argishti Kyaramyan will be appointed a lie ...
"Zhoghovurd" newspaper writes. "Today at the standing sitting of the NA Committee on State and Legal Affairs the package of draft laws" On the Anti-Corruption Committee "will be discussed. The Anti-Corruption Strategy of 2019 decided that a single anti-corruption body should be established, which should reduce the number of corruption investigators in all other bodies, including the National Security Service, the Special Investigation Service, the Investigation Committee and the State Revenue Committee.

And now let's present some interesting facts from the project ․ The number of employees of the center will be about 150, including at least 30 investigators and 60 detectives. Yesterday, the government allocated 8 billion 203 million drams for the establishment of the anti-corruption center, which is planned to be spent in 2021-2023, of which about 5.1 billion - for salaries, utilities and office expenses, more than 5 billion - for building conditions, 285.5 million - technical equipment, and 192 million drams for transport equipment.

The salary of the committee employees will be approximately 650 thousand without taxes, and the chairman of the committee will make 700 thousand. For comparison, today the anti-corruption investigator in the NSS receives less than 300,000 salaries, excluding taxes, which means that an unequal competitive environment will be created among investigators.