» Open the borders? Today, for whom? Karen Chshmaritian

Open the borders? Today, for whom? Karen Chshmaritian

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Aren Chshmaritian writes on his Facebook page ․ "Of course, one day the borders with all the neighbors of Armenia will be opened, but…

These days, there is a senseless commotion over the prospect of a railway through Azerbaijan to Russia.

Do those presenting the apparent failure of Armenia as an achievement have a basic idea of ​​how many international legal bases must be created before that in order to export, import goods to Armenia through such a route, or to ensure or use legal transit through Armenia? Or do they have any idea about the devastating impact of the rapid implementation of this initiative on the economic security of Armenia without the existence of the pre-war territories of Artsakh?

Do they have at least an approximate idea of ​​what changes Armenia's economic policy should take in its entire spectrum: infrastructure and economy structural, financial, banking, investment, SME, tax and customs policies, foreign economic policy, so that it does not at least damage or less harm our economy. Talking about profitability in this situation, to put it mildly, is complete nonsense, if not a direct indicator of economic infantilism, complete lack of understanding of political and economic realities, or ignorance.