» Hasmik Papyan sued her brother

Hasmik Papyan sued her brother

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It turns out that from the idea of ​​"Sasna Tsrer", then RA People's Artist, opera singer HASMIK PAPYAN, who welcomed Nikol Pashinyan's "revolution", sued her brother, opera singer HRANT PAPYAN. Yes, the cultural figure, who in recent years has been actively engaged in "solving" the country's political issues, it turns out that he can not even solve his family issues and has gone to court.

Moreover, if other court cases last for months and years, then in this case the court has made an urgent decision and partially satisfied the claim in just 10 days. As a result, the lawsuit of Hasmik Papyan against Hrant Papyan on the claim of annulling the sale contracts on the grounds of forgery and applying the consequences of the invalid transaction was accepted. "Iravunk" found out remarkable details about this from "Datalex" judicial information system.