» Armenia suffered a disgraceful defeat in Moscow. Vazgen Manukyan

Armenia suffered a disgraceful defeat in Moscow. Vazgen Manukyan

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In a conversation with Sputnik Armenia, Vazgen Manukyan, the joint opposition candidate for the post of Prime Minister, referred to the Pashinyan-Putin-Ali meeting in Moscow on January 11, as he spoke about possible post-war realities.

According to Vazgen Manukyan, all the points of the trilateral statement signed in Moscow are enough for Azerbaijan, so Ali will try to solve two problems. One is that it will try to slowly swallow and digest Artsakh, and the second problem is related to the unblocking of communications, that is, the issue of connecting Nakhichevan to Azerbaijan so that the road is controllable and Armenia's sovereignty does not extend to it.

"Armenia has many problems, but now the resistance of our country is equal to zero in all issues, it can not solve any problem. Even the most innocent issue related to the captives, which is fixed in the 8th point of the statement signed on November 9, was not solved, not even a new group of captives was given for the horse. That is, they do whatever they want. From that point of view, Armenia suffered a disgraceful defeat during the negotiations, and it cannot but be defeated if the Prime Minister is Nikol Pashinyan. "He will do whatever they say to the defeated, frightened and broken prime minister," Manukyan said.