» "I will always wait for him," says Colonel Arthur Sargsyan's widow

"I will always wait for him," says Colonel Arthur Sargsyan's widow

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Two months before the Second Artsakh War, Colonel Arthur Sargsyan was appointed Deputy Commander of the Artsakh Defense Army. The family moved to a service apartment in Stepanakert a month before the war.

Early in the morning of September 27, Artur Sargsyan's wife, Armine Grigoryan, woke up thinking about her eldest son.

The husband gave a few instructions and hurried to work, warned of possible power fluctuations, no phone, urged to quickly collect basic necessities and go down to the basement.

The last time Armine saw her husband was on September 29. He moved to Armenia with his younger son. Arthur Sargsyan, who has been in the military for 23 years, is a winemaker by profession.

After studying at the Military Department of the Agrarian University, he continued his service as an officer. In 2000, at the age of 25, he was appointed battalion commander in Chambarak. In 2005, he entered the Frunze Military Academy in Moscow, where he studied and graduated with honors for two years.

"We have lived in all regions for twenty years due to his service: Vanadzor, Karchaghbyur, Chambarak, Sisian, Martuni, my whole life has been spent on the roads. The children grew up that way, before they were born, they served, ”says Arthur Sargsyan's widow.

His father's military life left its mark on his sons' education; they attended school in another community almost every year. The youngest son managed to go to school in Stepanakert for 10 days. Armine, a pedagogue by profession, was an assistant teacher in one of the schools in Vanadzor, she had not yet found a job in Stepanakert.

When Sargsyan was appointed Chief of Staff of the Sisak Regiment, his youngest son, Sargis, was only one month old and had lived there for seven years. Then Sargsyan was appointed commander of the Sisak regiment. After that, they moved to Vanadzor, as Arthur Sargsyan was appointed first deputy commander of the Second Army Corps, then chief of staff.

The family has lived in Vanadzor for three years, which Armine describes as the happiest years of her life. She and her husband decided to build a house in Vanadzor and spend their old age there.