» Karin Tonoyan responded to "Lenazgin"

Karin Tonoyan responded to "Lenazgin"

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Karin Tonoyan, director of the "Armenian Knight" educational foundation, responded to the "Lenazgins" on her Facebook page.

"Answer to all Lenazins -

We had a meeting with the parents of the 1st grade, I asked everyone to post the map of Armenia, including Nakhichevan, Artsakh and the liberated territories, in their children's bedroom at home, to say every night that this is our stolen homeland that we will bring back in 10-15 years .... the mothers all smiled with tears and hope and promised ...

I came home sad, but I smiled with faith at my son's questioning look at the picture ...... And 15 years is half past 30 ... ", Tonoyan wrote.