» Exclusive interview with ASALA representative Aram Haykazyan

Exclusive interview with ASALA representative Aram Haykazyan

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The Information Department of the Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia (ASALA) spoke with Aram Haykazyan, a representative of the ASALA Political Bureau, about the post-war situation in Armenia, Armenia's domestic and foreign policy challenges, and joint programs between Armenia and the Diaspora.

Armenian army waged war against NATO, not against Azerbaijan, but over Azerbaijan

Question: Let's start with the latest developments, the war. How do you assess what happened ակը the post-war Armenian situation?

- First of all, we need to correct the more or less common misconception that we lost to Azerbaijan. Armenia has not lost to Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan is not a victorious state over Armenia. Turkey, which has the second largest land army in NATO, has waged war against Armenia with its most modern weapons. According to Azerbaijani official sources, 2,783 servicemen of the elite unit of the Turkish army took part in the war. Moreover, Turkey used thousands of mercenaries as cannon fodder on the front lines of the war. Azerbaijan confirms that the number of its victims, without missing, is 3,000. Naturally, the real number of victims is much higher, especially since the announced number does not include the killed Turks, foreigners, thousands of mercenaries used on the front line.

It is essential that the Israeli factor should not be forgotten, both in terms of armaments and experts. Let's not forget the political and military support of Pakistan before Armenia went to war alone. I assure you that the countries of the region, with a population of even more than 30, 40 million, could not wage a more brilliant war than us. Azerbaijan, despite its billions of weapons, not only could not defeat Armenia with its own capabilities, but would not even dare to start a war. If Ali won, not in his war.

The correct understanding of this issue is essential առումով primary in terms of the impact it has on the collective consciousness and psychology of our people. To assume that we have lost to Azerbaijan is disappointing for our people, while the heroic war of our Army against the Turkish-Azerbaijani front is not only disappointing, but also a matter of deep reflection, a cause for pride. History will record in big letters, և our future generations will be proud of the "first" and second wars of Artsakh. Another question is that we must be dissatisfied with ourselves in order not to have a worthy result.

Let us not forget that this war also "solved" geopolitical issues, that is why the international crime committed by Turkey - drawing state borders with the help of terrorists - was not punished, except for harsh words, it was not condemned internationally. On the contrary, the issue raised by Armenia in the UN Security Council was hindered by the states supporting the Turkish-Azerbaijani front, including Great Britain.