» How did Kocharyan persecute Vazgen Sargsyan's family?

How did Kocharyan persecute Vazgen Sargsyan's family?

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We present one of the "CHI" publications on October 27. about how Robert Kocharyan started persecuting Vazgen Sargsyan's family after strengthening his position. Yes, do not be surprised, it happened. Those who are talking about Vendetta and 37 now should be reminded of this. LIVE ADVERTISEMENT In 4rd.am We present the publication. "I DID IT," he confessed ... It happened just like in ordinary criminal stories. The gang commits many crimes, but in the end everything falls on one. That one may be endowed with a certain title-cliché, he may even be applauded, praised, encouraged, but they will certainly laugh and shake his hand, and at the right moment humiliate him and throw him in the dog's mouth. And at best, this rooster crows behind bars! But this is at best, because criminals know very well that at any moment this can be pierced and dragged back to everyone. That is why such people are killed more often ... 1. THE ACCOUNTANT AGAINST VAZGEN SARGSYAN CONTINUES On March 5, they once again seized power. On March 5, Vazgen Sargsyan's birthday, the world announced that the case of Tigran Naghdalyan's murder had been revealed. They also stated that the suspects had some friendly relations with Sparapet's family. Armen Sargsyan was arrested a few days later. Revenge against Vazgen continues. It started a long time ago, it was planned earlier. Let me remind you that in 1994 There was a well-known list in the "Dro" case revealed in December, the list of "convicts" of death, which was headed by Vazgen Sargsyan himself. 1999 He was killed on October 27. Kocharyan did not speak. He talked to Nairi Hunanyan and gave guarantees. He keeps his promise. Then he made a hysterical speech at the grave, as if he was handing over his brother to the ground ... But on the night of October 27, his then-speaker had already told the foreign media the pro-government version of the crime. The perpetrators were five drug-addicted schizophrenics. There was no organizer, no instigator. The murder was not political either, of course. Neither the Prime Minister was a political figure, nor the NA Speaker, nor the Vice-Speakers and Deputies or the Minister. That's right. It is scary, but I must remind T. Naghdalyan's assassination was immediately described as political, undermining the country's stability. In his message, Kocharyan promised to punish the organizers. How did he know that there were "no organizers" on the 27th, and in Naghdalyan's case they will definitely be "found"? The question, of course, is psychological. T. Naghdalyan's murder is a continuation of the October 27 case. Judge Samvel Uzunyan in the case of 27 "fell ill" after the crime. Simply put, the trial was adjourned. They are afraid that Nairi Hunanyan's nerves will not endure, or he will suddenly realize what fate awaits those related to the massacre in the National Assembly and start talking. So he should be reassured, persuaded that the Sargsyan family took revenge on Naghdalyan. That is why Vazgen's brother is now being held in the same cell with Vazgen's killers. This is the first goal.