» Pashinyan reported to Putin, and the latter told him to go

Pashinyan reported to Putin, and the latter told him to go

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"Hraparak" newspaper writes. "Many people think that the change of power in Armenia today depends exclusively on Russia. However, the Russian government has different views on this issue. If the security forces think that Nikol Pashinyan should leave a few days ago, then the Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov is against it at the moment.

And in the pro-government circles of the Republic of Armenia they whisper that during the last meeting Pashinyan reported to Putin, I want to organize extraordinary elections, the latter said, go and do it.

Now the Armenian opposition forces are somewhat dissatisfied with Pashinyan's "extending" Russian official circles, and in particular with the Russian ambassador to Armenia, who has close ties with a number of Armenian parties and even sponsors some of them, encouraging snap elections. will be the government.

The opposition is trying to get Ambassador Kopirkin recalled and the high-ranking Russian officials to make sure that Pashinyan's removal is in the interests of everyone, including Russia. And the organization of the elections by him is the guarantee of his reproduction. "