» The team is doing a disservice to Kocharyan. Hraparak

The team is doing a disservice to Kocharyan. Hraparak

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The war shuffled everyone's playing cards and changed their plans. If before the war Robert Kocharyan said that he did not intend to return to big politics, to personally participate in the elections, then the situation has changed after the war.

According to our information, the second president of the Republic of Armenia is gradually inclined to the idea that he should participate in the elections and participate in his own face. Of course, his teammates and relatives also contribute to that, who come to him every day and convince him that his rating is the highest, if he participates, he will definitely win, only he can beat Nikol Pashinyan and so on.

Yesterday, the poll of one of the telegram channels was aimed at that, according to which RJK Kocharyan has 46%, the highest number of votes in the political field today, and Nikol Pashinyan has only 19%, thanks to the Azeri vote.