» The RA Foreign Minister sharply responded to the Iranian Foreign Minister

The RA Foreign Minister sharply responded to the Iranian Foreign Minister

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Zarif has started a tour of the capitals of 5 countries, which, in his opinion, can establish peace in the region. These are the possible participants in the platform of the 6 Russian-Turkish proposal: Russia, Turkey, Baku, Georgia, Iran and Armenia. Zarif has already been to Baku and Moscow. In Baku, he congratulated Azerbaijan on "recent victories", and in Moscow, he was impressed by Lavrov's lecture on Russian-Turkish synergy, noting that as a result, the conflict is over and lasting peace and cooperation can be established in the region.

In other words, Iran surrendered to the Russian-Turkish synergy, which Cavusoglu had formulated more clearly and sharply, an agreement between Russia and Turkey to share the region equally, from which Iran was ostensibly excluded. Lavrov reassured Tehran that the opening of communications would not harm its transit interests, and showed the arena, the platform of 6, where Iran can get its share of Armenia's partition.

Ara Ayvazyan's speech at the meeting with the Iranian Foreign Minister is not only a manifestation of state dignity (especially now in the conditions of its severe deficit in Armenia, which should undoubtedly be assessed), but also an expression of a political position: Armenia does not consider the problem settled. It happened at the expense of Armenia and Armenian rights. At the same time, in the words of the RA Foreign Minister there is a hint of what the continuation of this process may lead to, including for Iran, which is undoubtedly the next target of the Russian-Turkish synergy, or has already become such.