» Erato's heart wants a party

Erato's heart wants a party

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Nikol Pashinyan's family is in open festivities amid national mourning and mourning.
Thousands of mothers are searching for the bodies of their sons, thousands are searching for the bodies of the dead, thousands are left with a handful of grief, and so many are homeless, homeless, landless, homeless, and the Armenian media fails to follow Nikol Pashinyan's Erato and children's voyages abroad and in Armenia. A few days ago, they were dragging from restaurant to restaurant in Moscow, from hotel to hotel, drank, the news about the astronomical prices of champagne was circulating in the news. And as soon as she returned to her homeland, Anna Hakobyan and her daughters took part in a concert dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the State Symphony Orchestra at Aram Khachaturian Concert Hall. You see, all these thousands of families without children, homeless, homeless, and futureless, and especially Mrs. Erato, who has fought battles in addition to moral support from the command bunkers of Artsakh, today have the heart to attend a concert when thousands of mothers mourn their grief. Yesterday the media wrote that a number of citizens left the Aram Khachaturian Concert Hall because of Anna Hakobyan's presence.
Citizens tried to go up to the government hall and say in the face of Anna Hakobyan what they thought of her, her unfaithful husband, but dozens of security guards forbade her, after which the citizens left the concert hall.