» We could have won, especially in Hadrut, Jabrail. Seyran Ohanyan (Video)

We could have won, especially in Hadrut, Jabrail. Seyran Ohanyan (Video)

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Even in this difficult, psychologically depressed situation, today is Army Day and the Army has always celebrated with great pomp. Former Minister of Defense Seyran Ohanyan stated this today, January 28, in a conversation with journalists at the "Yerablur" pantheon.

"The time will come when we will celebrate the Army Day again. To do this, you need to find out the reasons for what happened. There are many reasons I would not like to talk about today. Today we are in Yerablur and pay our respects to all our Armenians who gave their lives since the first liberation war. It is due to everyone's heroism that our nation preserves its dignity.

"We must do the right thing. Only then will the army be restored and everyone will unite around the army," he said.

Ohanyan is sure that the army can be restored as soon as possible, as it is the most organized and disciplined structure. "According to the Constitution, the army is the guarantor of our security and must continue its mission. All the personnel of the army must realize all this with honor and henceforth do it with honor with an organized egg. "I congratulate everyone," said the former defense minister.

"I think the state has lost because the states are at war. The state has not been able to unite all the people around the army, strengthen the rear of the army, make the right decisions both politically and militarily so that we can succeed.

Of course, we fought against the Turkish-Azerbaijani terrorists supporting them, but I think that nevertheless, we could have won, we could have clung especially in Hadrut, Jabrail, in different parts of the mountains and forests. "But time and various commissions of inquiry will assess it," Seyran Ohanyan stated.