» We have nothing but soldiers. Mikael Minasyan

We have nothing but soldiers. Mikael Minasyan

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We have nothing but soldiers. Michael...
We have no other army! In the morning, people selflessly congratulate the army holiday, talk about the honor of the Armenian officer սպ the fighting efficiency of the army. But I honestly do not understand whether such self-deception is possible from reality.
The army had a mission to protect the Armenian people from an external enemy. That mission failed. Second. The army could save the country from an internal enemy. He did not do that either.
Moreover, we were probably the only army that in the last war, after every retreat and defeat, national heroes, new generals and new medalists were added. The more districts we passed, the more heroes and generals were born.
But the flood of congratulations and pathos does not stop. Congratulations on the Army Day to the people who created that army, do not want to see that it does not exist today. Congratulations to the people who destroyed the army. Congratulations to those who did not serve in the high-ranking and those who left the army, who have no idea what the army is.
I understand that you are congratulating because you do not want to accept the very painful reality, because maybe it is the inertia of years. Today's authorities celebrate Army Day in the same way that unbelievers celebrate Christmas.