» Kocharyan came ․ Pashinyan's plan fails

Kocharyan came ․ Pashinyan's plan fails

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In an interview with ayeli.am, politik.am և yerevan.tody, the second president Robert Kocharyan announced that he and his political team will participate in the snap elections and will "bear".

Kocharyan stated that he has a political team, followers and the necessary tools to run in the snap elections. According to Kocharyan, he has not been active in the struggle against the current government of the Republic of Armenia, as he did not want to give the authorities an opportunity, manipulating the topic of his return, to intimidate, first of all, those inside the government and their supporters. According to Kocharyan, in order to achieve a change of government in a constitutional way, it was necessary for 20-30 deputies from the ruling team to join the parliamentary opposition and demand the resignation of the Prime Minister. "I kept myself away from those processes so that my factor would not be used to intimidate those deputies," Kocharyan said, adding that he hoped that there would be so many patriotic people in the ruling team.

As for the political forces demanding Pashinyan's resignation, the second president stressed that he shares their position on forming an interim government and holding snap elections, especially since the head of the interim government will not run in the elections to prevent possible abuses. But the government does not agree with that version, it is not going to move forward with the resignation of the Prime Minister and the formation of an interim government, instead it puts forward the way of early elections, self-dissolution of the parliament. In such conditions, Robert Kocharyan's announcement to run in the snap elections was a powerful political message that completely changes the balance of power.