» The turn came to slick puppies

The turn came to slick puppies

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Homosexual Babajanyan Armani 1in.am continues to vote for those who want to speak out against Vitaly Balasanyan, and since normal people cannot say anything against General Balasanyan, the Babajanian Armani website is gathering trash.


Today it is the turn of the two puppets, who are presented to the public as freedom fighters. One is called Malkhasian Rose, and the other is Maple Jora. Malkhasian Vardan says that because these people know that they have been rejected by the public and are on the sidelines, they have become wicked towards our people, "and are spreading various threats and threats." Malkhasyan does not mention the fact that Balasanyan has been rejected by the public, but it is known that Vitali Balasanyan is really rejected by the Pashinyan Nicol puppeteer and his supporters of LGBT, grantmakers and other minorities, which brings honor to all people. Malkhasyan is also angry about why law enforcement officers do not deal with Balasanyan.


And the slapstick Sapphire Jora says Vitaly Balasanyan should be deprived of the title of National Hero. “He is threatening to speak out against legitimate authorities. It is time for our authorities to wake up and resolve this issue quickly. Why hasn't he been in jail so far? Tomorrow and the next day there will be nothing in his head for the people to make a correct assessment of what they have done. ”


Let us remind you that there is no threat in Vitaly Balasanyan's interview, only in Pashinyan Nikol's shameful camp. The general has only said that he will physically destroy the Sasna Tsrer terrorists if they attempt to infringe on him, the people of Artsakh or the authorities.