12-12-2019, 18:26
The US Senate recently voted unanimously to endorse Senator Robert Menendez and Republican Senator Ted Cruz's resolution recognizing the Armenian Genocide.
12-12-2019, 18:18
US Senate just unanimously adopts Armenian Genocide resolution; Prime Minister:
12-12-2019, 17:53
Armenian wrestler Ani Hovsepyan (69kg) won a bronze medal at the World Oil Cup World Championship in Khanty-Mansiysk Beloyarsk. Boxing Federation of Armenia reports.

Hovsepyan beat Azerbaijan's Shahla Alahverdieva 5-0 to reach the semifinals. Europe's under-22 silver medalist will compete with Russian Darima Sandakova in the semifinals.
12-12-2019, 17:18
Mr. Pashinyan, December 31, at 12 noon we will be celebrating your New Year
12-12-2019, 17:14
Singer Rosa Gilbert has recently been engaged, but the news came from her brother, Mher, congratulating her sister on her social media page.

Prior to this, Rosa was not posting a photo with her boyfriend, but a group photo appeared in her wardrobe where she was with her boyfriend.
12-12-2019, 17:04
“On December 13, a cyclone is approaching the Mediterranean Sea for just one day.

Very low precipitation is expected in central and southern regions in the form of snow in mountainous areas, wet snow and icy rain in foothills and valleys.

On December 14-17 tropical warm air currents will enter Armenia from the north of Africa, as a result of which December 14-17 air temperature will gradually increase day by day by 5-7 degrees compared to these days.

On December 14, a particularly high temperature is expected in Tavush and Syunik. The air temperature will reach +18 20 + 20 in daytime.
12-12-2019, 16:54
About a week ago, on the night of December 2 to 3, a taxi driver at the airport charged a German tourist 34,000 drams from the airport to the center of Yerevan for a more specific Marriott hotel.

Suren Manukyan, head of the Department of Comparative Genocide Studies of the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute, reported on the incident on his Facebook page today. The tourist told Manukyan's friend about it. Attached to the post, Manukyan also issued a taxi service note of "Aeroport Service" LLC with a note of 34,000 AMD. He also informed that the taxi was not an accidental car, but an official taxi from the airport.
12-12-2019, 16:47
The driver of the bus number 13 in Yerevan made a 10-year-old schoolchildren get off the bus halfway, citing that the bag interferes with other passengers and, most importantly, after taking the money. Facebook user Diana Tovmasyan is alert about this.

"The child almost does not understand Armenian, because if he could not find the way home and there was something wrong, who would answer for it?"
12-12-2019, 16:38
Former RA Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan has been included in the Expert Council under the Government of the Russian Federation. According to Interfax, on December 10, by the order of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, the former Chief of Staff of the Russian President Alexander Voloshin became the Coordinator of the Expert Council under the Government of the Russian Federation.

In addition to Voloshin, there are three former presidents of the Russian government at the same time: Viktor Zubkov, Sergey Stepashin and Mikhail Fradkov, and former Armenian Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan. board). Representatives of scientific circles were also included in the composition.
12-12-2019, 16:26
Because of the previous authorities I have lost 20 years of my life