» In the wake of Vanadzor's horrific murder. Police are releasing new details

In the wake of Vanadzor's horrific murder. Police are releasing new details

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Two of the participants in the controversy in Vanadzor have already given confession.

YEREVAN, October 12 - Sputnik. The picture of the dispute that led to the deaths of several people in Vanadzor is complete. Police have identified and detained a 39-year-old man from the Armenian-Georgian border. He confessed that he fired two gunshots in the direction of the basement at Micurin 20 in Vanadzor on October 4 and fled.

The horrible murder in Vanadzor has been revealed
The RA Police reports that the same day, at 10:49 am, the man was arrested.

The incident took place on October 4 at 23:55.

An investigative-operative team who arrived at the scene discovered the bodies of two young men born in 1989 (gunshot wounds and 6 others were taken to Vanadzor Medical Center. One of them, a young man born in 1994, died on the way to hospital.

Among those killed was a "criminal boy named Andrushik" who was previously convicted of the murder in Vanadzor.

After the incident, another 46-year-old man was arrested and confessed that he had intentionally shot himself with a Makarov pistol in the direction of those present.

The Makarov pistol, whose factory number was erased, was discovered by police after the incident.

Investigations at the scene revealed traces of blood, samples taken. Also found were 5.45 mm 6 capsules, 2 bullets /, 9 mm 4 capsules and 2 bullets, 9 mm gas bullets and the same 2 bullets in a guard, knives, a dried mass resembling a cannabis plant.

It should be noted that according to the official police release, the dead are the residents of Vanadzor, 30-year-old Andranik Ohanyan, 30-year-old Gor Grigoryan and 25-year-old David Ohanyan, 26-year-old Gevorg Gevorgyan, 29-year-old Levon Zhamharyan, 25- Levon Khachatryan, 21, and Andranik Tadevosyan, 21.