» New details from Vanadzor's horrific murder

New details from Vanadzor's horrific murder

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The controversy over the deaths of three people in Vanadzor is complete. Police say a 39-year-old man was found and detained at the Armenian-Georgian border. He confessed that he fired two gunshots in the direction of the basement at Micurin 20 in Vanadzor on October 4 and fled.

The same day, at 10:49, the man was arrested.

The incident took place on October 4 at 23:55.

An investigative-operative team who arrived at the scene discovered the bodies of two young men born in 1989 (gunshot wounds and 6 others were taken to Vanadzor Medical Center. One of them, a young man born in 1994, died on the way to hospital.

Among those killed was a "criminal boy named Andrushik" who was previously convicted of the murder in Vanadzor.

After the incident, another 46-year-old man was arrested and confessed that he had intentionally shot himself with a Makarov pistol in the direction of those present.

The Makarov pistol, whose factory number was erased, was discovered by police after the incident.